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Environmentally Friendly Driving

Your driving style can leave a big impression on the environment. Follow these simple tips to help reduce your environmental impact whilst driving - you'll also save money by using less fuel!

  • Keep your car windows closed whilst driving whenever it is comfortable to do so. This reduces air 'drag' and therefore keeps your fuel consumption minimised.
  • Keep your air conditioning turned off - or run it at a reduced setting - again this will cost you less in fuel consumption.
  • Switch off the engine if you think you will stationary for more than two minutes.
  • Your car will be consuming fuel most economically when you are traveling between 50 and 60 miles per hour. Driving over 70mph will quickly increase your fuel consumption. It can cost you up to 25% more in fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph.
  • Avoid unnecessary revving of the engine as this uses more fuel.
  • Harsh acceleration and braking can use up to 30% more fuel and can cause increased wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Travelling at less than 15mph creates the most pollution. As your speed increases up to 60mph, your level of pollution decreases. Travelling over 60mph increases your level of pollution again.
  • Make sure all tyres are properly inflated. Poorly inflated tyres produce more friction, which in turn leads to higher fuel consumption.
  • Reduce the weight of your vehicle. Remove unnecessary items from the boot. Fill your fuel tank to the halfway mark. Your vehicle will be using less fuel by having to shift less weight.

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